TATRAS has always loved to collaborate with different realities related to the worlds of art, design and fashion, in search of experiments that interpret the DNA of the brand: innovation, quality and aesthetics. From this the different partnerships were born that have enriched the brand with new contaminations. These include the collaboration with Dita Eyewear, American eyewear brand with innovative design, artisan manufacture and care in the search for fine materials, with which TATRAS has produced two eyewear models under the name DITA x TATRAS.

In the field of Interior Design, the company chose to partner with Mogg, a brand synonymous with objects and furnishings with clean design that combine Made in Italy aesthetic emotion and functionality. This last collaboration led to the creation of a custom, limited edition sofa and pouf made of TATRAS down jackets and presented to the public during Milan Design Week.

Regarding fashion, among the various collaborations, the last capsule collection "Lucio Vanotti X Tatras" is noteworthy. The designer, chosen by Giorgio Armani as fashion week new talent, works with an aesthetic code similar to Tatras, consisting of clean lines, minimalism and a discreet elegance.

Finally, Tatras has also chosen to express themselves through the art and culture that the brand is deeply attached to. From this has followed ambitious projects and collaborations, like the Exp(l)oration. exhibit in collaboration with NO CURVES, adhesive tape artist and philosopher at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan; the fashion videos and live performances of principal dancers Paul Zivkovich, Ashley Robicheaux and Tamara Fregale and that of the artist Bros, considered by major art critics to be the "master" of the Italian and international street art.