The history of TATRAS began in 2006 as a great entrepreneurial dream. In just 10 years the brand created a place for itself in the international market for high end down jackets, developing a perfect synergy between product, communication and distribution.
In the early years TATRAS first established brand awareness in its native Japan by positioning itself in the best department stores in that country.
The next step was to begin the internationalization of the brand with the opening of a showroom in Milan to optimize distribution in Italy and abroad.
TATRAS then witnessed its appreciation grow worldwide, developing and strengthening in new markets until becoming a major presence in Europe, the USA and the far East as well as in Italy and Japan.
Today TATRAS has three flagship stores in Asia and one in Europe.

The first, characterized by a contemporary and essential style, was inaugurated in October 2014 in a refined and elegant context in the prestigious Tokyo Aoyama area, where the most famous fashion houses can be found.
After only one year, the Osaka flagship store was opened in October 2015, in the heart of the prestigious Umeda area. The flagship is inside the Breeze Breeze building and the style of the entire space is similar to Tokyo store.
In late February 2018, Tatras opened its first flagship store in the West, choosing Milan as the first window on the European market. The space, located within the fashion district in via Spiga 3, features the Japanese minimalism of the brand in a Western translation, with a fully international result that is always among the main characteristics of the brand.
Finally, in March 2018, the latest store opened to the public in the land of the rising sun. The store is located inside the new and impressive Midtown Hibiya building, a new shopping destination in the Japanese capital.